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SEPTEMBER 20 to 22, 2023

Bogotá Colombia

Social Representations, Practices and
Challenges in Uncertainty Scenarios


The International Conference on Social Representations (CIRS) has been established as an important biannual academic event, alternating mainly between Europe and Latin America. As proposed by Rosa (2019), the CIRS is constituted as the main world scientific scenario to disseminate and promote the development of the Theory of Social Representations and its relationship with related research fields.

The purpose of the CIRS is to address relevant and innovative advances in theoretical, methodological, applied, and disciplinary aspects of the theory proposed by Serge Moscovici. The XVI version will be supported by the Serge Moscovici World Network (REMOSCO) and the National University of Colombia. The event will take place in Bogota-Colombia in 2023, therefore, it will be the sixth time that Latin America welcomes the CIRS and will leave in evidence the relevance that the theory has for the region. Colombia will be the fourth Latin American country to organize this event, after Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. This edition will follow that of Athens 2021 which was rescheduled due to the global confinement due to the pandemic of COVID-19 and was carried out under a virtual modality.

The CIRS in Bogota will mark the 30th anniversary of its uninterrupted existence since its debut in Ravello, Italy, in 1992. Likewise, the return to physical attendance will provide the opportunity to strengthen the networks of work and interdisciplinary connections between researchers from Latin America and countries of different continents, Therefore, it will contribute to promoting new developments in the Theory of Social Representations.


The central theme of the XVI CIRS will address the relationship between social representations and practices, two aspects of social life that maintain a close link, which show the otherness, the symbolic character and the dialectical interaction of human actions. In addition, it implies important theoretical and practical challenges, especially associated with the understanding of actions in particular contexts of uncertainty, such as education, health, the environment, politics, communication, among others.


Posters should be 80 * 180 cm and include:
introduction, problem, methodology, results and conclusions.

These will be published during the entire event, and the public and continuous session of oral presentation of the Poster will be held on Thursday September 21 between 10:40 and 12:30.

  • Good Internet Connection

  • Noise-Free Space

  • Join 10 minutes before

  • Microphone Off on Mute

  • Presentation Time 15 minutes,  5 minute question and answer period

  • Check Your Email for Link

  • Get familiar with Google Meet

  • Dress and Presentation: neat and appropriate background for the occasion.

  • Backup Connection

Online participation Guidelines



Profesor de psicología social en la Universidad del País Vasco en San Sebastián y director del Grupo de Investigación en Cultura, Cognición y Emoción y Psicología UFI del Siglo XXI. Completó su doctorado en psicología social en 1983 en la Universidad de Lovaina. Bélgica. Ha estado en la Universidad del País Vasco desde 1984. Sus temas principales son los procesos colectivos de cognición y emoción y la psicología social intercultural, actualmente enfocada en la superación de conflictos políticos, memoria colectiva, reconciliación y rituales de justicia transicional y procesos colectivos de emoción. 

      YOU CAN NOT MISS IT!      

9 May 2023

Abstract registration deadline

Registration Deadline


25 August 2023


Septiembre 2023

Talleres Pre-conferencia


September 2023

Conference Dates



If you want to participate in the conference as a speaker,here you can find the modalities that you can choose


If you want to participate in the conference  but do not have a paper, here you can register as an assistant

before July 11th
after July 11th
Type 1

Developed Economies

(Europe, North America, Asia)

$ 300 USD
$ 350 USD
Type 2

Developing Economies

(Latin America, Africa)

$ 190 USD
$ 220 USD
Type 3

Posgraduate Students and Assistants

$ 155 USD
$ 180 USD
$ 400.000 COP
before July 11th
after July 11th
Type 4

Researchers and Professors

$ 750.000 COP
$ 870.000 COP

Posgraduate Students and Assistants

Type 5
$ 612.000 COP
$ 720.000 COP
$ 400.000 COP
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Conferencia multitud
  • What is the difference between all the modalities of participation?
    The event has four participation modalities, where three are to participate as a speaker and one as an assistant. The three modalities of participation as a speaker are: 1. Poster: Design a graphic representation of your work describing the most relevant characteristics and present it at the event. There will be an oral presentation of the poster in public and continuous sessions. 2. Symposium: Coordinate your group of colleagues (maximum 4 people per group) and participate in this modality. It must be presented one topic per group and this will be addressed from different points of view in individual interventions. 3. Thematic table: Presentation of free communications, organized in shared tables according to the thematic selected by the speaker. There will be parallel sessions of 15 minutes per participant and 5 minutes for discussion for each presentation. *These modalities of participation include a PRESENTATION certificate. The fourth modality is that of Assistant: It gives you access to conferences, presentations and an ATTENDANCE certificate.
  • How do I participate as a speaker?
    To participate as a speaker you must be clear about: 1. the participation modality 2. the thematic axis. After having this clear you can proceed to register the abstract of your paper at It will be reviewed by the international scientific committee. If your paper is approved, you must proceed with the payment of the registration fee that corresponds to you to officially participate in the event. You can find the rates at Do not forget that before July 11th we are handling the discounted rates of "early bird".
  • Can I pay after my paper is approved? Is payment of the registration fee required to register my abstract?
    The registration fee and abstract registration are different. The abstract registration is the platform where you upload the abstract of the paper you want to present to the international scientific committee. The registration fee is the fee that is paid to be able to participate as a speaker (once the paper has been accepted) or as an assistant.
  • My team and I would like to apply for the symposium modality. How should we proceed with the payment? Do we all have to pay the registration fee?
    Yes, each of the symposium participants must pay their own registration as a speaker, since with this they will receive the certificate of presentation. Regarding the presentation of the work at the event, the group can decide who will present the work. For reasons of space there may only be a maximum of two exponents per work.
  • I am interested in participating as an assistant, where can I sign up? Where do I make the payment?
    The online registration in the platform is now available. There, you can make the payment of the participation fee. We kindly invite you to register at:
  • If I participate as an assistant, can I still present my papers?
    The modality of participation as an assistant gives access to conferences and presentations, it does not allow presenting papers. If you wish to present your work, you must participate in one of the three modalities of participation as a speaker and pay the corresponding registration fee.
  • Can I submit more than one paper?
    In case of participating in more than one paper, the participant must pay the registration fee as a speaker for each one, in order to receive the certificate for each paper.
  • Do students have any discount?
    Yes, students have a special rate. To check the rates go to Remember that to participate as a student you must upload a study certificate or a photocopy of your student card.
  • Is there a different fee for each modality of participation?
    No, the fees vary by country but not by participation modality. In our website you can check all our rates.

For more information, please contact us.

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