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Opening of the Registration platform (from this day you will be able to register and send your summaries) 

January 16th  2023


Abstract registration deadline (until this day the page will allow you to register your abstracts)

May 9th  2023

Announcement of accepted papers (approved papers will be announced by mail on this day)

June 9th  2023

Deadline for Early Registration and Payment (until this day registration will be at the early bird rate)

July 11th  2023

Deadline for Regular Registration and Payment (this day will close the registration with full rate)

August 25th  2023

Date of Workshops (this day the theoretical-practical workshops will be held)

September 19th  2023


dates of the  XVI CIRS 2023 - Bogota, DC, Colombia

September 20th-22nd  2023


The thematic axes of the XVI CIRS are related to different fields of scientific knowledge, in which the Theory of Social Representation (TRS) already has an important presence. In this sense, researchers and professionals are invited to present papers that address the application of the TRS to the understanding of social phenomena within the framework of the defined axes.

Theoretical and methodological perspectives.

Gender, identities and subjectivities.

Education and society.

Communication, misinformation and social networks.

Health, wellness and care.

Science Technology and Society.

Environment, ecology and spaces.

Interculturality and multiculturality.

Peace, conflict, war and migrations.

Politics, economy and development.

Democracy, governance and social movements.

Art, spirituality and religions.

ejes temáticos

20 - 22 /09/2023


Researchers and professionals are welcome to present scientific papers within the framework of the Theory of Social Representations and exchange knowledge and experiences among colleagues and experts in a broad thematic agenda proposed for the XVI CIRS. The papers can be presented in Spanish, English, French or Portuguese, in the following modalities: thematic tables, symposium or poster.

The summary of the proposal must be submitted on the conference website between January 16 and May 9, 2023, which will be evaluated by the International Scientific Committee. To send the summary it is mandatory to register the speakers on the page of the  event.


tipos de comunicaciones


If you want to participate in the conference  but do not have a paper, you can register as an assistant.


If you want to participate in  the conference as a speaker, these are the modalities you can choose from:


Presentation of free communications, organized in shared tables according to the thematic axis selected by the speakers.


Presentation of a topic by a group of experts (maximum 4 speakers) that will be approached from different points of view in individual interventions.


Graphic presentation of an investigation, describing the most relevant characteristics of the work .

Parallel sessions. 15 minutes per participant and 5 minutes for discussion for each presentation

Individual presentation of 15 minutes and 5 minutes for discussion for each communication

Oral presentation of the Poster in public and continuous sessions

Each abstract must contain a maximum of 500 words including introduction, problem, methodology, results and conclusions. 

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